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ACL Consequences of Rejection

What are the Consequences of Declaring a Major Failure, of the Supplier to Comply with a Gurantee, and Rejecting the Goods?

The suplier is the person you purchased the goods from. ie the retailer.

263 Consequences of rejecting goods

(1) This section applies if, under section 259, a consumer notifies a supplier of goods that the consumer rejects the goods.

(2) The consumer must return the goods to the supplier unless:

(a) the goods have already been returned to, or retrieved by, the supplier; or

(b) the goods cannot be returned, removed or transported without significant cost to the consumer because of:

(i) the nature of the failure to comply with the guarantee to which the rejection relates; or

(ii) the size or height, or method of attachment, of the goods. [this does not include distance, so if you have taken the goods outside of the service area (30km) then you have to return them or pay for the return.]

(3) If subsection (2)(b) applies, the supplier must, within a reasonable time, collect the goods at the supplier’s expense.

(4) The supplier must, in accordance with an election made by the consumer:

(a) refund:

(i) any money paid by the consumer for the goods; and

(ii) an amount that is equal to the value of any other consideration provided by the consumer for the goods; or

(b) replace the rejected goods with goods of the same type, and of similar value, if such goods are reasonably available to the supplier.

(5) The supplier cannot satisfy subsection (4)(a) by permitting the consumer to acquire goods from the supplier.

(6) If the property in the rejected goods had passed to the consumer before the rejection was notified, the property in those goods revests in the supplier on the notification of the rejection.