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Geoff & Roslyn Sinclair purchased the business, then known as John Smith Electronics, in January 1986. It was later renamed to Townsville Electronics Service Centre and still operates from the same premises at Unit 1, 197 Ingham Road, West End. Since then Geoff & Roslyn Sinclair have been operating it as a family partnership. Offering Quality Family Style Service to the people of the Townsville region. Originally Roslyn would run the office during the day and Geoff would repair the appliances in the evening after he finished his job in the RAAF at Garbutt. Geoff retired from the RAAF in 1988 so he could work full time with the business.

Geoff Roslyn

Geoff Sinclair

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Roslyn Sinclair

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As the amount of work increased it was necessary to employ a technician full time. They then secured the professional services of Vic Baker. Vic previously had his own TV repair business in the Burdekin. Vic has over forty years experience in television repairs and now has retired. He still keeps his interest in electronics in his shed at home and provides us with his expertise from time to time.


Vic Baker

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As the reputation of Townsville Electronics grew, so did the workload on Roslyn, Geoff & Vic. They found they needed someone to help with Audio & VCR repairs. They decided to enlist an apprentice but were not sure if the business could support the apprentice through the four year term. That's when TORGAS came to the rescue. Our first apprentice was indentured to TORGAS and employed at Townsville Electronics for his full four year apprenticeship. Townsville Electronics has trained three apprentices for their full four years. We have also participated in the training of six other apprentices.

Les Cheal had been with us since mid 1999 and had a vast experience in electronics. Specialising in Audio and Hi Fi, and Communications, DVD's, STB's and Projectors.

Les Cheal

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Sadly Les passed away on 24th December 2017. He is sadly missed.

We now have Aung and Bowin in our workshop and Michelle in our office.