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60PM6700 Main PCB

60PM6700 Main PCB

  • Brand:  LG
  • Model No.  60PM6700
  • Availability:  1

Ex Tax: $130.00

  • Description: Main PCB
  • Manufacturer/Make: LG
  • Appliance Type:  PLASMA TV
  • Model No: 60PM6700
  • Version No: -TD.AAULLH
  • Manufacturers Part Number: EBT62085601
  • PCB No: EAX64349207(1.4)
  • PCB REV: 
  • Print No: 
  • Condition: USED Tested working OK.
  • History: This PCB came from a working TV with a damaged LCD Panel.
  • Additional Info:
  • Stock Keeping UnitEBT62085601
2nd Hand
Tested OK This PCB came from a TV with a Scan Board problem otherwise OK.

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